Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Three Million Book Reviews

How Much Is a Million? is a great book by David Schwartz for explaining big numbers.  It shows how big the numbers are.  For example, it showed it would take someone 23 days to count to a million and 95 years to count to a trillion, and that's without taking a break and counting pretty fast.  Or, a bowl would have to be as big as a stadium to fit a trillion goldfish!  And, if a trillion kids stood on each other's shoulders, they would almost reach Saturn's rings.

It has awesome illustrations because it was done by one of the greatest illustrators, Steven Kellogg.  The illustrations are cartoony, but really good.  The reason that I cannot explain these pictures is that my mom can't accept that some things just are what they are, even when they are.  These illustrations are colorful and detailific.  Looking at the size of the stadium goldfish bowl in the illustration really helped my understanding of how much space a trillion goldfish would take.

I recommend this book to people who want to learn about big numbers like a million, a billion, and a trillion.

Millions to Measure is a measuriffic book by David Schwartz that I am measuring to tell you about.  I am reviewing it in Measuria, a place where measuring is measical.  Get it, magical measical?

Oh, whatever!

Let's get down to measuring how great this measuring book is!

Whenever I give an excellent review on one of the parts of this book, give it 5 points.  Whenever I give it a good review, give it 3 points.  When I give it an OK review, give it 1 point.

This book has magnificent hand-drawn and colored pencil drawings.  One of the great illustrations is of Hercules The Huggable Hippo.  It's a really funny picture to explain weight!  Give this 5 points.  I hope you're keeping track (I'm not!)

Next part of this book is its excellent explanations.  It helps you measure by showing the different ways people measured back in time compared to now.  It even has a sidebar showing fluid ounces on one of the pages, and it helped me with my homework since I'm learning about capacity. 

I recommend this book to people who are learning about measuring,or who want to.


If You Made a Million is another great book by David Schwartz that shows just how rich you would be if you made a million dollars.  It also explains the bank system.

Did you know that if you put one million dollars in the bank, you could live off the interest?  It could earn 10 cents a minute, if it has a good interest rate.  On the other hand, if you borrow money you should pay if off right away before the bank earns interest on what you've borrowed.  You can lose a lot of money that way.  If you borrowed one million dollars, you could LOSE ten cents a minute.

Steven Kellogg also illustrated this book.  I'd describe this book's illustrations the exact same way that I described them in How Much Is A Million?  They're drawn the same way, just of different things.  It has a good illustration of a fish where you could feed a fish and earn one cent.  I also enjoyed the picture of a kid unclogging a fountain with frogs jumping out.

I would sure like to make a million dollars.  If I had a million dollars, I would take a taxi to the Andes Mountains.  Then I would bank my money there!


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Jennifer Fink said...

We read all three of these books after learning about them in Home Education Magazine. My boys loved them.

Of course, their FAVORITE number is a googol!


Judy Armes said...

Great book review. I'll be referring my folks to your blog post so they can read what you've had to say about them. Good job!