Monday, May 18, 2009

More Animal Science Books

animal_communication If you're interested in how animals communicate, Animals Exposed! The Truth About Animal Communication is a good book for you.  Did you know that the baboon shows that it is ready to mate by growing a big, pink butt?  The rattlesnake warns enemies to stay away by rattling the rattle on its tail.  Also, the skunk sprays a smelly liquid on enemies to warn them to stay away.

Did you know that there are hundreds of different animal communications?  There are animals saying: hi, go away, leave me along, get out of my territory, help me kill prey so we can share it for dinner, and be my friend.

I learned that stuff and more from reading this book.  It has very good illustrations that almost look like photos because they are so realistic.  It even has sidebars with more details and examples of animal communication.

I recommend this book to anyone who want to learn more about animals.  It has interesting facts, and is a fun read.

animal_builders Animals Exposed! The Truth About Animal Builders is a great book explaining how animals build their homes.  Did you know that one weaver bird builds its nest with spider webs?   Some mice build balls of straw with holes in them for a nest.  Beavers build dams in rivers to live in.  Animal homes can be found in very different places and habitats.

Amazingly, there are many different kinds of animal homes, just as many as there are different kinds of animals.  There are bejillions of different kinds of animals.  There are animal homes: in water, on tree branches and trunks, in underground burrows, in tiny slots, and even some in ice caves.  Animals have found ways to adapt to different habitats with different kinds of homes.

This book has sidebars describing specific animal homes.  For example, in one sidebar, you can find horned eggs where baby dogfish grow, and spiders wrapping bugs in silk hanging from a web.  Each of the animal builders mentioned in the sidebar also have an illustration.  The drawings are awesome, they are very well drawn and very colorful.

I recommend this book to kids who want to grow up to save animal habitats.

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