Thursday, May 7, 2009

I made a cool poll !!!!!!

I made a cool poll !!!!!! The poll is on the right, in the sidebar. It's about what people like to do for fun as a pastime. My dad's favorite thing to do is watching movies, and my favorite thing to do is to read a good book like The Lightening Thief series. I want to see what's most popular on earth.

Please answer the poll.


Anonymous said...

where is your poll, please? i want to do it

Anonymous said...

it's ok - i just found it - dur

Meg_L said...

Kristi sent me here.

If I may make a suggestion, what about playing on the internet? My DD sends a fair amount of time doing that.

Sandra Foyt said...

Meg, I'm afraid Alex is currently tied up playing Roblox, and unable to answer your question.

Um, I guess that does answer your question.

This will provide a good example of how polls can be skewed just by how you frame the questions.

renee @ FIMBY said...

I also wish I could say "spend time on the internet" or "take Photos" came here via springtree road twitter status.

I am a homeschooling mom and love to help other homeschoolers when I can!

Karen Kramer said...

Cool Site Alex...I voted in your pole.

9to5to9 said...

I went with books, because once you've read the book the movie usually is a waste of time!

The suggestion of playing on the Internet started an interesting debate in my head, because I usually spend way more time online than with books. Then I complain about not having enough time for books. Hmmm ... My fault, maybe!

So thanks, Alex, for making me thing!

Michael Armstrong said...

How literally should one take "Audiotape"? Personally, it's CDs, or more likely digital music (home audio, ripped from my CD collection)for me. But I listen while reading too.

Good point people are making about Internet use as well.

Anonymous said...

We get to go see Rick Riordan in Seattle tonight!!