Friday, May 15, 2009

A Collection Of Animal Science Books

This is an informative book about eggs that has a whole bunch of pictures of really cute baby chickens.  It tells you about the different kinds of animals that lay eggs.  It shows you the inside of a chicken egg before it hatches at two different stages of development.  This is a good book for littler kids, who don't already know that chickens have to sit on their eggs to keep them warm.

All About Frogs (All About...): Jim Arnosky: Books

ISBN: 0590481649
ISBN-13: 9780590481649

This book tells you all about frogs, like how they're born and how they change from tadpole to frog in a process called metamorphosis.  It also tells you the difference between a frog and a toad, frogs have longer legs.  It's a well written and illustrated book, but it's for younger kids.

This book isn't the best, but it's very informative. It's just a fact book, but it has very gross and gruesome pictures of moths and butterflies. Have you ever seen moth larvae eating each other? Well, if you read this book, you'll see it. It has close-up pictures of butterfly eyes and proboscis. I would recommend this book for younger kids.

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