Thursday, October 21, 2010

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII was a very important man.  Besides his six marriages, Henry VIII is known for his role in the separation of the Church of England from the normal Catholic Church. Henry's battles with Rome led to the separation of the Church of England from papal authority. Since he wanted to divorce his wife but couldn’t because of the pope he made himself the leader of the church. He changed religious ceremonies and rituals and suppressed the monasteries, while remaining a believer in core Catholic teachings.

Henry was an attractive and charismatic man in his prime. He ruled with absolute power. His desire to provide England with a heir, led to the main thing that Henry is remembered for today: his wives. I know I should respect history people but he was one heck of a hound dog. If I had a time machine I would send back a IPod with all of Elvis’s music.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Kids Voice For Blog Action Day|Start Petition

Hi many of you may know about blog action day, its a day where bloggers around the world all work together to raise awareness of one particular problem each year. This year the problem is water all though I know its a pretty big problem all over the world like in places where dirty water kills 80% of the people who live there I think there bigger problems like my sisters face, no just kidding she.... has....... a very.......pretty......face..... HA HA HA LOL ROFL A HA HAAAAHAHAHA HA HA HA! anyway I just want to tell you how big a deal it is so please join us in our fight against  water, Justen Bieber, war, my sister and all the other threats to the world.