Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow Poems


Snow, snow, bright and white, keep on falling, left and right.

Snow Everywhere

Snow, snow, left and right, it's here and it's there, it's everywhere.

Snow Taste

Snow, snow, here and there, it tastes so much like water and it's bright. I'm not taking a flight.

Here are some great flake links:

Snowflake Page - Snowflake pictures, patterns, and more links.

Snow Crystals Electron Microscopy -Check out snowflakes under a microscope.

Snowcrystal.com - Snowflake crystals.

Make a Flake - Make a virtual snowflake and download the picture like mine.

Snowflake Factory - Make virtual snowflakes and watch them explode, melt, blizzard, and crack.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chickadee and the Clay!

My friend Catherine and I were making stuff out of clay. I made chickadees. They are cute and fuzzy. I made several chickadees and a cardinal, but the cardinal only lasted a day. Here are instructions for how to make chickadees:

  1. Get a bit of yellow modelling clay.

  2. Put your hands on each side of the yellow clay and roll it around until it forms a ball.

  3. Get two small pieces of green modelling clay and put them on each side of the top of the chickadee for eyes.

  4. Get two pieces of black modelling clay and put them each side of the yellow ball for wings.

  5. Get a small piece of red clay and make it into a cone shape. Stick it on the front of the ball.

  6. Get another two pieces of red clay and put them on each side of the bottom of your yellow ball.

  7. Then you have a chickadee.

Time Collides

One day, there was a scientist who invented a time machine. Spies found it. There was a big war between South America and Texas. Aliens came and used the machine to bring back everything since the Big Bang. And the war got bigger.

It started to snow and rain. At the same time, it hailed too. A tornado hit. A big history book sucked everything up.

The End

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Captain Underpants Party

The Captain Underpants books are a great book series by Dav Pilkey. Here are the reasons. The writing is so good that you don't need the pictures. It's awesome story action. It has flip-o-rama. It's hilarious because it has a silly superhero. It's funny because this hero instead of having super strength, has super underwear. I recommend that kids who are 3 to 8 years old read these books.

Click these links for fun games and information about the Captain Underpants books: