Monday, July 19, 2010

Marco Polo and The Silk Road

I went to a Silk Road exhibit at American Museum Of Natural History. The Silk Road was a big network of trading routes. Not just single road. They had each country shown as part of it and you could go to each place and get a stamp in a mini stamp book. It had live silk worms too! Another thing I learned was that it went through Europe, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, India, China, Java, and Somalia. It was very boring.

After it we stopped at the gift shop and got a book called Animals Marco Polo Saw. It was about Marco polo’s travels through the Silk Road. It talked about how when Marco made a book about his travels, it inspired people to explore and talk to new countries. This changed the whole world.

Marco Polo was a trader in the Silk Road. He was born in Italy September 15, 1254. In 1271, he started a journey through the Silk Road. When he got back he made a book about his trip which became the very first travel guide. That was how he became famous.

Here is a link to the book:

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