Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Learning About Vikings

Who Were The Vikings?

Vikings were people who lived in 800 AD to 1050 AD. They lived in Europe. One important Viking was Arick The Red. The Vikings were strong fighters. They invented the axe, the hammer, and the flat bottom boat! AND they were the second to find America! They were fighters, farmers, raiders, and traders! So the better question is who were the Vikings not?

In my unit on Vikings I read a book by Frid Inguistad. It was a historical fiction with historical inaccuracies (like the fact that the Vikings did not end with peace with the natives) called Magnus the Viking. In this story a Viking boy goes to Vinland and meets a Native American boy named Maku. But can the two boys stop the war between the two groups?

One more book I read for my unit was called History dudes: Vikings by Rich Camdo here is what I wrought about it:

Do you know the word berserk? Do you know it’s a Viking nick name? Ber is bear in Viking and serk means shift in Viking. So berserk means bear shift. Vikings went “berserk “in battle it was said that when they went berserk they became powerful fighters, and they sometimes killed their own friends!

So as I said Vikings were a lot of things not just fighters and raiders like most people think!

Here are some of the books I read on vikings:

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