Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learning About The Battle Of Hastings

The Battle Of Hastings was a big historic battle between the Norman and the English people. It took place at Senlac hill 14 October 1066. The English were lead by Harold First and the Norman were lead by Duke William 1 of Normandy.

I read a book about William the First called William The Conquer And The Battle Of Hastings by Micheal St Jhon Parker, and this is what I learned from it.:

William the First was a king of England who was born around 1027 and died in 1087.  He was the king at the Battle of Hasting. After he won the battle he was nicknamed William the Conqueror.

The other book I read was The Battle Of Hastings by Chris Priestly.

The Battle of Hastings was important because it would decide who would take the throne and be the King of England. Also after this battle Normandy was introduced to a new system of government in which the king would usually offer to his warriors a plot of land called a fief, in exchange for their loyalty.  And it would decide who the next king would be.

Here are two of the books I read:

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