Thursday, May 13, 2010


Saxons and Vikings
Saxons lived at about the same time as the Vikings. The Vikings lived in a place called Green Land. Although Saxons and Vikings were very different people, they shared many similarities. They both had similar swords, spears and axes! They also wore the same clothes such as the following: thick trousers, tunics, long dresses, and leather shoes with woolen cloaks! They could even understand each other’s language! They also had the same belief that runic letters had power! I think they were similar people.

The Saxons were people who lived around the 5th century. They are descendents of a German tribe who took over Brittany. Here is a list of facts about them:
· It was considered lucky to wear a small metal pig on your head because pigs are sacred to their god Freyja.
· When they burned their dead, they put their ashes in a pot with a window so that the spirit could get out and not be stuck.
· They believed that a red sky at night means that there will be a storm.
· They also thought that if you cut off the head of a dead body, it can’t haunt you.

Saxons were a very interesting people.

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