Friday, May 7, 2010


Beethoven was a composer. Born in Bonn, Beethoven showed remarkable talent at an early age. His father, a court musician, subjected him to a brutal regimen, hoping to exploit him as a child prodigy. While this plan did not succeed, young Beethoven's gifts were recognized and nurtured by his teachers and by members of the local aristocracy. In 1787 Beethoven first visited Vienna, at that time the center of the music world. There he performed for Mozart, whom he greatly impressed.

A little after that he became a great composer. But, Beethoven had a problem. He began to lose his hearing as an adult, until it was lost almost completely. This was a real problem for Beethoven because of his love for music. That’s why Beethoven composed such loud booming music! So he could hear it better! Here is a website with some of Beethoven’s music:

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