Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sickening Prairie Dog Town


Today, we visited the Prairie Dog Town in Oakley, Kansas , or should I say, Animal Torture Ground.  There were several animals, treated like slaves, or at least that’s the kind of leisurely home they got.  You know how wolves need a lot of land to roam around in?  Well, there were two wolves stuck in a cement grounded, hole in roof so that rain can get in, teeny cage.


In the gift shop, they even made fun of the animals.  They cut a cow’s butt off and glued googly eyes to each cheek.  And, they had rattlesnake heads displayed everywhere.  The person running the place was no better.  He was a freaky looking guy who acted as if the animals just meant money.  He even gave us dog biscuits to feed the prairie dogs, and I do mean dog biscuits. 


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