Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Beginning Of A Cross-Country Trip


Today is the first day of a trip across the country named the United States of America.  So far, on my trip, not much has happened yet.  Supplies are running low, and I don’t know if I can survive the whole summer, although we are getting back in time for my birthday at the end of August.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I’ll be sure not to tell you anything about that.  And the day after that, we are going to be in Chicago, famous for all its famous things.

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catsubu said...

Maybe you can resupply in Chicago. Ask the space alien driving the machine to send me your intersteller phone number. This was promised. Coach says he hopes you have a good vacation, and will miss you over the summer. Thursday's lesson was tough, just Ethan and I were there and Coach really worked us. My arm feels speghetti. Why is Chicago called the Windy City?