Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review of Wright 3

In the book, The Wright 3 by Blue Balliet, three kids who call themselves the Wright 3, try to save Robie House (designed by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright) from demolition.

I think the author tries to ask the question of whether the Robie House is a piece of art, or just a house.  I believe that the Robie House is just a pretty house, not a work of art. 

You want to know why I think that?  It’s because there is one thing that defines a house.  Is it a building that is lived in, or was lived in?  Yes, Robie House was lived in, so it is a house, not a work of art.

I know it goes against the spirit of it all, but I’m a big picture kind of guy.

The story was a good mystery, but I didn’t completely enjoy it because it’s not my kind of book.  It was a suspenseful mystery that left you wondering what would happen next.  I recommend it for people who like a thrilling mystery.

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