Friday, October 12, 2007

Why I Love Sea-Monkeys

I love Sea-Monkeys because:
  1. They live for a real long time.
  2. They make a whole bunch of babies, and it only takes one day for them to hatch.
  3. They are a cute pet with their small, cute eyes and small, cute body.

My Sea-Monkeys have been alive for a whole year. Sea-Monkeys are a kind of brine shrimp. Sea-Monkeys don't have a skull or bone. I know this because when I watch my Sea-Monkeys they move their whole entire body so there is no space for a bone. If they have anything, it's like an exoskeleton which is a skeleton outside of their body. They live in an aquarium, a container filled with water and water life. The Sea-Monkeys eat algae, that green stuff that grows in the aquarium. It grows by itself by collecting sunlight.

When you get your Sea-Monkey kit and open it up, you find three bags. One has a big number one, the other has a big number two on it, and the third has a picture of a mother Sea-Monkey and two baby Sea-Monkeys sitting at a table with bibs. The mother is carrying food to the babies. The bag with the number one has water purifier in it. The number two bag has the eggs. The one with the picture of the mother feeding the babies has food in it.

First, you put in bottled water in the aquarium. Then, you put in the water purifier. After you put in the water purifier and wait 24 hours, you put in the eggs and wait another 24 hours. While you wait, put the aquarium on a window-sill with sunlight coming through. Then you wait 24 hours before you get Sea-Monkeys.

One night before my Sea-Monkeys hatched I gave them food so they would have their first meal right away. By accident I used the wrong side of the food server, the bigger side, and gave them too much. It turns out that even as you read this blog entry, they are still alive.

Here are some links where you can find games and videos:

Sea-Monkeys are really adorable! I love them!

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Terry said...

I love sea monkeys too!! I used to have some when I was younger, they're awesome!