Monday, October 15, 2007

What Makes A Story Boring Or Not Fun To Read

What makes a story boring or not fun to read?
  1. A story where they just stay at home.
  2. A story about a regular life.
  3. A story about watching paint dry.
  4. A story about learning how to count.
  5. A story about going to the bathroom.
  6. A story about making a tree.
  7. A story about sewing a pillow.
  8. A story about eating a sandwich.
  9. I don't like jokes in stories.
  10. I don't like historical stories.
  11. I don't like a book about someone writing a book.
  12. I don't like books written for mathematicians or romance lovers.
  13. I don't care for books that are written in exact, chronological order.
  14. I don't like westerns or stories about cowboys.
  15. I don't like stories about girls.
  16. I don't like stories about paper.
  17. I don't like stories about rocks.
  18. I don't like any killing or death in stories.
  19. I don't like stories about electricity.
  20. I don't like stories about teaching somebody something.

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