Saturday, October 4, 2008

How To Celebrate Calvin & Hobbes Day

calvin_day I declare October 4th and 5th are Calvin & Hobbes Days.  On these two days, you celebrate everything about Calvin and Hobbes. 

Today, I dressed up like Hobbes and had fun.  I got a water pistol and squirted my sister.  She did not like it, and bit me.  I already climbed some trees, and I'm waiting for my dad to get back so I can pounce on him.

Here are some of the things you can do on Calvin & Hobbes Day.

1.  You play the national sport, Calvin Ball, where the only rule is that you can't play the same way twice.

2.  You steal cookies.

3.  You have to get in loads of trouble.

4. You have to be very specific about how your parents should make your PB&J sandwich. 

6.  You have to throw water balloons at the kids in your neighborhood, preferably girls named "Susie."

7.  You have to climb loads of trees.

8.  Get a water pistol and squirt everyone.

9.  Play with a bunch of cardboard boxes.

10. Read a bunch of Calvin & Hobbes to get your own ideas.

Find out more about Calvin & Hobbes on The Funniest Comic Strip - Calvin and Hobbes.

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