Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Funniest Comic Strip - Calvin and Hobbes

"Scientific progress goes 'boink'?"

Calvin and Hobbes is the funniest comic strip in the world. The kid is Calvin and the tiger is Hobbes. Hobbes always begs for tuna fish. If my mom was Calvin's mom, she would be screaming right now because 2 o'clock in the morning Calvin woke his mom up to ask if people grew from spores. In another comic strip, his mom got all dressed up with lipstick, earrings, and her best dress. The second she walked out the door, Calvin sprayed her with the hose. And then when he was walking away, he was holding his butte saying, "What a grouch!" Hobbes, whenever Calvin opens the door from school and says I'm home, pounces on him and tackles him. They even have a secret club house in a tree called, "Gross, Get Rid of Slimy Girls!"

Whenever Calvin asks his Dad how something works, his dad says "It's magic." Once he turned on the light and said, "It's magic." His mom asked, "What has your dad been teaching you?"

Calvin and Hobbes is the all-time best comic strip in the world!!

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