Friday, April 4, 2008

Don't Be Greedy

My mom read a story to me called The Story of the Blind Baba-Abdalla from The Arabian Nights Entertainments edited by Andrew Lang.

Here are some of the words from this story that I looked up in a dictionary:

Covet - To envy or to wish to have very much.

Avarice - Extreme greed for wealth.

Reproach - Address someone with disapproval.

Anoint - Smear or rub with oil.

Alms - Money or goods given in charity.

In this story we find the following phrases:

'the more one has, the more one wants' and

'Remember riches sometimes have wings if we keep them for ourselves, and the poor are at our gates expressly that we may help them.'

What do these phases mean?

In this story, there was a man named Baba-Abdalla who was so greedy that when he found an old man who told him about a palace full of riches he kept on asking for more and more, instead of sharing, that it backfired because he ended up blind.

The story means that you should never be greedy and you should always share.

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