Monday, April 28, 2008

Battle of the Paragraphs


Alex had to write a simple paragraph on any topic that he chose. Just one measly, little paragraph.

Well, the smart-aleck decided that he would keep it as easy as possible. He wrote the following:

I Collect Stuff

I collect stuffed Pokémon. I collect Pokémon cards. I collect plastic Pokémon. I collect a lot of stuff.

If this had been the first time that he turned in a list instead of a paragraph, I might have let him slide. It wasn't , but I was determined that it would be the last.

I tried to explain the difference between a list and a paragraph, but he didn't want to get it.

Alex argued that he had a main idea, three detail sentences, and a conclusion. He thought that was a fine paragraph.

Instead of arguing, I decided to whip up my own paragraph:

Collecting Books

I love to collect books. I started collecting books when I was just 8 years old. My first book was a Clifford book that I picked up for 25 cents at a school book fair. Now, my house is full of books. I have so many books I can’t keep track of them, and sometimes I end up buying duplicates. The reason that I collect books is that I like having all those stories around me. Sometimes, I sort of remember a story but I can’t remember the details. With my book collection, I can always look for that book and remember the story. Someday, I hope my kids love books as much as I do and that they have a special book collection.

After just a bit of argument, with threats of FunKey denial and promises of a Battle of the Paragraph Blog Post, Alex rewrote his paragraph:

Collecting Pokémon

I like collecting Pokémon stuff. I like collecting things such as cards, plush and plastic Pokémon. Collecting cards is fun because I like to trade and battle with them against my friends. I like collecting plush Pokémon because it's fun to play with them like I'm a human vending machine. If I have enough plastic Pokémon, I put them into two teams and have war with them. That's a fun game. Playing with all my Pokémon items is always spontaneous fun.

Wow! What a difference! His last paragraph is so much more interesting.

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