Monday, January 28, 2008

Lizards and Geckos

A gecko's cousin is a lizard. Lizards live in warm climates. The flying gecko has webbing that allows it to glide from tree to tree. It lives in rain forests. It is a reptile which means it lays eggs instead of giving live birth. It eats bugs. It lays eggs, three at a time.

Leapord Geckos, like Leperdy, like sunbathing.

I saw a lizard today. It was tan with diamond-shaped spots on its back. It was about the size of your middle finger. He was hanging out at the entrance of Coral World. I caught him, but I let him go quickly. It is cute. It was probably a Crested Anole.

I love lizards and geckos.

Here is a geckoriffic Virgin Islands website:

Smiling Lizard Research

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