Thursday, January 24, 2008

Comparing Two Books

First, I will talk about each book individually. I will start with Water Horse by Dick King-Smith.

Water Horse is the best book ever. It is about a pair of siblings, Angus and Kirstie, who find an egg by a bay in Scotland and hatch it into a water horse that they name Crusoe. Now the water horse goes through different homes. First, he lived in the bathtub, believe it or not. Second, he moves to a goldfish pond. Third, he moves to a lake. Finally, he goes into a really huge lake.

The central conflict in this book is that Crusoe eats all the food in the lake so that he needs to move to a bigger home, but he can't be seen. The kids, and some of their family, are afraid that if the water horse is seen he will be put in a zoo or speared! Pum, pum, pum, pummmm....

Next, I will talk about Whales On Stilts! by M. T. Anderson.

This is a very bad book, except for accidental laughter. If you read it, you will be wishing you never read it. Boys won't like it because most of main characters are girls.

The main characters are three kids: Lilly, Katie, and Jasper. They live in a town called Horror Hollow that is attacked by whales on stilts with laser beam eyes. The whales attack because they are under the control of a scientist who wants to take over the world.

The central conflict of this story is that the kids have to save the town because no one believes them about the whales.

Comparing The Books

Both books are fantasy stories with water animals that breathe air but live in water. In both books, the kids are trying to save something. In Water Horse, they are trying to save Crusoe. And in Whales On Stilts!, the kids are trying to save the town.

Here are the differences. One is funny, and the other is not. One is a good book, and the other is not. One has an evil person, and the other does not. The big difference in these books is that in Water Horse, the parents help the kids. And in Whales On Stilts! the parents don't help at all.

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