Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow Poems


Snow, snow, bright and white, keep on falling, left and right.

Snow Everywhere

Snow, snow, left and right, it's here and it's there, it's everywhere.

Snow Taste

Snow, snow, here and there, it tastes so much like water and it's bright. I'm not taking a flight.

Here are some great flake links:

Snowflake Page - Snowflake pictures, patterns, and more links.

Snow Crystals Electron Microscopy -Check out snowflakes under a microscope.

Snowcrystal.com - Snowflake crystals.

Make a Flake - Make a virtual snowflake and download the picture like mine.

Snowflake Factory - Make virtual snowflakes and watch them explode, melt, blizzard, and crack.

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