Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Favorite Pokemon

My favorite Pokemon are Scyther, Deoxys, Kabutops, and Scizor.

Scyther is one of my favorite because he is as big as a person, he has really sharp claw cutters, and he has two wings on each side like a bug. Scyther’s strongest moves are: Air Slash, X Scissor, Sword Dance, and Bug Buzz. Scyther is a Bug Flying Type Pokemon. If he was on a strong level, and we were fighting Water Type Pokemon, I would send Scyther out into battle.

Deoxys is my most favorite. One of the reasons is that he can transform into four different guys: attack form, defense form, speed form, and normal form. The second reason is because he is really strong and has really strong moves. The third reason is because his hands can separate into four different arms and hands. The fourth reason is because he beat Rayquaza. Deoxys is a Legendary Type of Pokemon. That means that he has an extra boost that makes him a million times stronger than other Pokemon. He would basically almost always win, except if he is fighting another Legendary Pokemon.

Kabutops is my second favorite because he is almost exactly like Scyther and Scizor. He is a rock water type of Pokemon. In the Fire-Red Game, you can get him from a fossil. You have to bring the fossil to a building to bring him to life, but before he is a Kabutops you have to evolve him from a Kabuto.

Scizor is the last, but not least, favorite. He looks like he has the same kind of hand as a crab, but he has the same wings as Scyther. He is red and he is a Bug Steal Type. His strongest moves are: Iron Head, Giga Impact, X Scissors, and Sword Dance. I would use Scizor when I am facing a Water Type Pokemon, but I would never use him against a Fire Type because fire is super effective against a bug steal type like Scizor.

In my opinion, these are all really cool Pokemon .

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