Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The main point of the essay you are about to read is how the book animal farm and the movie the mouse that roared both share the common interest in pointing out the flukes in governments, though they both do it in very different ways.  

In the dystopia book (a dystopia is a society that was taken over and controlled corruptly) animal farm some farm animal’s rebel against the owners of the farm. The animals then take over and run it without any humans. After that the pigs slowly take over the farm society.

In the movie the mouse that roared a small Uruapan country goes bankrupt because there main source of money, a local whine they export to America gets copied. They then a desperate attempt to make money go to war with America with the plan that after they lose they can get rich off of   rehabilitation money.
Here are some things that the book and the movie have in common. They are both about corrupt points of power, they both are about war, and they both are about manipulating people.

Here are some reasons why the book and the movie are different. One is a comedy and the other is a dystopia, in one the main people are animals and in the other they are all humans, the story’s are completely different. 

All in all I think that though they do it in a different way they are both trying to point out messed up stuff in the government.(I say all in all when  I cant be bothered to think of a conclusion-el paragraph) And now I will finish this long hand written essay with the simple yet heart stopping smiley face enjoy :D.

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