Saturday, January 9, 2010

U Dig Fossils In Utah

August 1, 2009

udig_alex2 Today I went to U Dig Fossils with Dad!!!!!  It was fun!  U Dig Fossils is where you find fossils, mostly trilobites.  We all found a bunch.  It was fun and cool.

This is a review about trilobites.  Trilobites were a kind of invertebrate.  There were a few different kinds of trilobites.  There was the niobella, a mid-sized trilobite that could grow up to four inches.  It lived all over the world in the Ordovician Period. 

Some trilobites were amphibians (like frogs) and some lived on ocean floors.

Trilobites were relatives of the horseshoe crab. I think that they're very cool, but don't know why.



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