Monday, September 14, 2009

Review of Bearstone

I listened to a book called Bearstone by Will Hobbs.  It was OK, I guess....

It's about a boy who stays with an old man and finds a carved stone in the shape of a bear in a Native American cliff tomb!  I think the main intent is that revenge is bad.  I think that because when he cut down the old man's plum trees, he got to go home.  Plus, he said so.

I don't really recommend this book.  It put me to sleep.

Bearstone (9780689870712): Will Hobbs: Books

ISBN: 068987071X
ISBN-13: 9780689870712


Kayliepeach said...

I've never heard of, or read that book, but it does sound a little boring. Thanks for having that review. Now I know what to expect, if I ever read it.
I'll visit your site often.

Susanna said...

Hi!I like your blog! It´s nice. I´m from Sweden. So... I shouldn´t read that book I think.
Have a nice day, Alex!