Saturday, July 4, 2009

Discovery Of A Lifetime At The Sternberg Museum


I went to the Sternberg Museum in Hayes, Kansas.  I saw the fish-within- a-fish.  It’s really a fish, within a fish, within a fish.  The fish-within-a-fish was really big.  The biggest fish had big, sharp teeth and a top and bottom rib cage.


I like fossils so I thought it was really cool.  They had a mini movie theater where they showed how they excavated the fish-within-a-fish.  Later, that day, we went to Monument Rocks, Kansas where they excavated it.


Back at the Sternberg Museum, I had to run to avoid being eaten by the huge, life-like dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex in the walk-through diorama whose head turns and roars at you as you pass by.



In this picture, you can see me running from Stan, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.   I think this is a funny  picture.  Stan sure is nomadic.  He always moves from museum to museum.


This is a picture of a giant plastic fish.  This fish appears to be carnivorous.  I would most definitely not like to be in the water with one.  I’m not certain what his name is though.

I highly recommend the Sternberg Museum because it has so many great dinosaur related things. 

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