Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saving Endangered Animals


Do you people know what's happening to this world?  There is the cutest little bird called the Kiwi that's endangered because people introduced non-native species in its home in New Zealand.

What are you doing about it?  Sitting there on the computer, reading a blog, instead of taking action?

One way that people are saving kiwis is through Operation Nest Egg, where they raise Kiwi eggs in captivity and release them to protected wild areas when they are old enough.

There are many endangered animals in the world, like the Manatee, Green Turtle, and the Black Footed Ferret.  I saw a slide show that said "Endangered means there is still time."  That means that if an animal is endangered, or low in numbers, there is still time to help them.

Click the link to watch: Endangered Means There Is Still Time.

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