Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Moon Lady Review

moon_lady The Moon Lady, written by Amy Tan and illustrated by Gretchen Schields, is like a pastry, with a bread-like crust of Chinese culture on the outside, and a cream filling of a moral on the inside. Every glance at the words on the page is like taking a bite out of it.

I highly recommend this book to kids who want to learn about Chinese culture.

In this book, a little girl goes on a boat trip during the Moon Festival. She falls off and gets lost. Then, the Moon Lady descends from the moon and the girl shouts out that she wishes to be found because the Moon Lady grants wishes. Later, her family finds her and the story ends.

The moral to this story is that the best wishes can be made true by yourself. The girl fulfilled her own wish by finding her family.

It has beautiful illustrations of a Chinese town. One illustration shows the singing cricket escaping it's cage. Another shows two boys fishing using a seagull who gets dropped into the water so he can catch fish in his mouth, and then the boys took the fish out of his mouth before he could eat it. (Those aren't fish that I would want to eat!) It also has a lot of different colorful temple illustrations.

This book was given to my mom by my aunt over twenty years ago.

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