Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Pet

Starting today, I am growing a mosquito larva. Not my sister, who looks like one, but an actual larva.

My Mom was cleaning outside when she found a bowl with water in it, probably rainwater, that my Dad left out. There was a lot of other stuff in it like two beetles and a spider.

So, I got the bowl and when I was looking in it, I found that there were a bunch of tiny, wiggly things that I later found out were mosquito larvae.

I got one, and took it over to my microscope. But, after a while of looking, I noticed that a mosquito larva was wriggling around helplessly in a bubble of water. So, I thought it was dying, right?

And, it was.

Normal people wouldn't give it a second thought, and just leave it there to die. But, not me!

I got a plastic cup, filled it with water, and I used a tiny spoon to transport the mosquito larva to the cup. And, I named my new pet, Bobby.

First, I tried to feed him fish food. He took a nip at it, and then sank to the bottom. It turns out that the advice I had gotten was about Mollies, a kind of fish.

Then, I went back on the Internet and found out that mosquitoes eat algae on The Life Cycle of the Mosquito (this is where I got the picture you see here.) I got some from my Sea Monkey container. They died some time ago.

So far, all Bobby is doing is laying at the bottom of the cup, occasionally rising to the top for Oxygen. He seems to be OK in his new home.

So long!

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