Monday, March 3, 2008

Facts About Leperdy

Leperdy is a leopard gecko from the desert. Here are some random facts about him. He is made to survive extreme heat in the desert. When he eats, instead of his belly getting fat, his tail gets fat. The tail getting fat allows him to live longer without eating because he uses the energy stored in his tail. Some people think that leopard geckos have scales, but in truth they have skin! It's kind of bumpy and once it's shed, it doesn't have the same pattern that it had on the gecko. The only pattern left on the shed skin is lines of bumps. All around the lines of bumps there are tiny bumps that surround the whole skin, and completely fill the surface. All together, the leopard gecko is an extremely interesting specimen.


Denise said...

Great job - very well written - I give it an A!

Anonymous said...

Great job - well written - I give it an A!

Team Gagnon said...

Great job - well written and informative - I give it an A!